Where to Sell Your Second Hand Office Furniture!
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If you plan on moving offices or you had to lay off some workers due to redundancy, it is likely that you will have excess furniture and no storage space. If you are strapped for cash, then renting a storage room would be out of the question.

You can hit two birds with one stone if you are willing to part with your second hand office furniture. First, you can turn idle furniture into cold cash with just one transaction and second, you will empty your inventory. You do not need to worry about renting storage or lugging the old furniture to your new office.

In this day of digital technology, the obvious place where you can sell your second hand office furniture would be the World Wide Web. This offers you a few advantages. For starters, you can easily entertain inquiries by way of emails. This also limits the number of people who will tromp through your office doors every now and then to check out your stock. Online sales may also bring in a better price.

However, if your buyer lives out of state then it would entail shipping costs. This a factor you should take into consideration when negotiating prices.

Consignment shops are another viable option. You will be working with a professional who would handle the sale of your second hand office furniture for you. In this case, they will get a percentage of the profits you earn once all the items are sold. Be sure to check credentials to make sure you contract a reputable seller.

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